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In uncertain times of financial crises, bail-ins and increasing tax burdens everywhere, there is a need for flexible financial solutions to preserve your accumulated wealth and savings.

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Financial solutions for almost every need.

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Christian Bachhausen

With us as your confidential partner, you will know...

  • How to protect yourself and your wealth and maintain discretion over it.

  • How to set up a company in a simplified and relaxed manner.

  • How to create maximum confidentiality in times of financial crises, capital controls and increasing financial insecurity!

  • How to effectively minimize your tax burden - in a legal way.

WARNING: There has been a major data leak in the offshore sector in April 2014.
Fortunately for you, Seychelles hasn't been compromised. It is now considered
to be one of the safest zero tax incorporation jurisdictions - worldwide!

If you want to benefit from the special confidentiality packages (we use russian encryption software; our data center servers have no internet connection), send me an E-Mail to

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